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Abel Fragrance Laundry Day

Abel Fragrance Laundry Day

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Abel Fragrance

Laundry Day with notes of cut grass, aldehydes, lime, passionfruit and orange vetiver is a verdant and sunfilled citrus.

There’s something deeply uplifting about spring and the reawakening it signifies. Abel (Ah-bel) wanted to capture that feeling in a bottle so the energy and freshness of spring can be evoked year round - no matter what season you’re in.

About the fragrance:
Abel, pioneers in 100% natural fragrance and biotechnology, evoke the freshness of a crisp spring day with their latest scent. Laundry Day is a verdant, sun-filled citrus that reawakens the senses. The scent opens with a zesty cut grass and biotech aldehyde accord, upcycled passionfruit and lime heart, and a rich vetiver base.

Abel Founder, Frances Shoemack, was inspired by the energy of spring. That evocative time of year when windows are flung open to let the outside back in, the scent of fresh grass fills the air, and laundry is once again hung outside - a ritualistic joy.

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