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Abel Fragrance

Layering Set

Layering Set

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Abel has been developing the finest 100% natural fragrances for nearly a decade while adhering to ethical and aesthetic standards. Frances Shoemack, the founder, was dissatisfied with the harmful chemicals present in many perfumes and their environmental impact. When she failed to find a genuinely natural perfume, she came up with the concept of Abel. Isaac Sinclair, a Master Perfumer and fellow New Zealander, was Shoemack's first collaborator in their mission to revolutionize the industry. Together, they created a perfume that is both completely natural and modern, and can compete with the world's top fragrances.

Abel's layering set features three 15ML Eau de Parfums: Cyan Nori, Pink Iris, and Green Cedar. Each scent is expertly crafted and 100% plant-derived. The set comes in a low-waste and 100% recyclable box, specifically designed for layering. With Abel's commitment to sustainability and ethical perfumery, customers can create their unique fragrance combinations and enjoy a personalized experience.

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