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CoSkin Conditioning Sunscreen

CoSkin Conditioning Sunscreen

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CoSkin’s Conditioning Sunscreen is broad spectrum, high SPF (40) and very water resistant providing long lasting protection from the sun in and out of the water.

In addition to protecting you from the sun, this sunscreen contains natural plant oils and essential oils to actively moisturise, accelerate healing and regenerate damaged skin tissue. The ingredients in this product contain powerful anti-oxidants which protect you from damage during exposure to the sun and then provide superior after-sun care. As it is readily absorbed, it is not easily eroded off the skin through washing or towelling and does not run into your eyes and sting them or run off into oceans and waterways.



Plant Oils: Coconut • Fractionated Coconut • Jojoba •  Sesame • Hemp Seed • Red Raspberry Seed • Soya Bean • Apricot Kernel Oil • Evening Primrose Oil • Avocado Oil.

Essential Oils: Lavender • Palmarosa • Petit Grain • Rosewood • Geranium • Frankincense • Sweet Orange • Neroli • Patchouli • Carrot Seed • Damask Rose • Kanuka.

Plant Butters: Coconut / Aloe Vera Infusion • Mango Butter • Shea Butter.

Vitamins, Enzymes & Concentrates: Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E) • D-Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5) & Aloe Vera concentrate are added to supplement the many other vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants naturally present in the oils.

UV Filters: Butyl Methoxy Dibenzoylmethane (aka avobenzone) 3%, Octyl Methoxy-Cinnamate 7.5%, Octyl Salicylate 5%.

Gelling agent: Abzorba Gel.


Other: Acetulan (from lanolin), Coco Caprylate (from fractionated coconut oil), Talc.


70 ml.


Made in New Zealand.


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