Cyan Nori

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A sweet, salty musk.

This hyper modern scent with a mission for the future, is a vibrant sweet, salty scent. Inspired by the ocean expanse and the responsibility we have as brands and consumers to protect it.

With top notes of tangerine, heart notes of plant derived musk, and base notes of nori enjoy dressing yourself in something this consciously fragrant.


All ingredients are derived from natural sources from guaranteed fair trade & sustainable farming practices. 


Tangerine oil - Brazil

Aldehyde c14 - *plant derived peach note

Ambrettolide - *plant derived musk note

Hexanol cis-3 - *plant derived green tea note

Bergamot oil - Italy

Ambroxan - *plant derived ambergris note

Nori absolute balsam oil - France

Grain alcohol (not denatured) - Italy *organic

INCI (potential allergens) - Citral, Citronellol, Limonene, Linalool


Available in 15 & 50 mls