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Tea & Tonic Deluxe Skincare Gift Box

Tea & Tonic Deluxe Skincare Gift Box

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Tea & Tonic

The Deluxe Skincare Gift Box... perfect for showering yourself or someone you adore in self-love and self-care products to help glow from the inside out.


*Please note the pictured Frankincense Face Nectar has been swapped out with one Maryse Bio Nutrient Face Oil.


Our Deluxe Skincare Gift Box includes:


One Maryse Treatment Balm.


One Maryse Omega Treatment Oil.


One Maryse Manuka Leaf Exfoliating Polish.


One Maryse Bio-Boost Lip and Under Eye Serum.


One Maryse Enzyme Cleansing Balm.


One Maryse Apricot Mineral Tint.


One Maryse Bio Nutrient Face Oil.


One Flint Chocolate of your choice - please specify, our range is under Flint in 'Makers'.


One MONNI card.


Please be sure to leave a message to put in the card.

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