Detox Morning - Teabags
Detox Morning - Teabags

Detox Morning - Teabags

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Daily Wellness Tea


This delicious wellness tea is made from certified organic ingredients from European and Chinese Tea Gardens. Refreshing and invigorating, it’s full of plant-based goodness to support your daily wellness ritual. Earthy green tea, zesty lemongrass, and orange peel kissed by warming spice to uplift and revitalise your day.


Organic Ingredients:

Coriander*, Nana Mint*, Nettle Leaves*, Lemongrass*, Apple bits*, Cinnamon*, Ginger Bits*, Green Tea*, Orange Peel*, Cloves*, Cardamom*

*Certified Organic


21 Muslin teabags



Serve - Straight black. Drink one to two cups in the morning.

Drink iced - Brew straight and pour over ice, add slices of lemons and limes.

Brewing Temperature - 100°C 

Brewing Time - 3 minutes


Contains Caffeine.