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His Skincare Gift Box

His Skincare Gift Box

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Tea & Tonic

A gift box with a selection of natural skincare, covering the essentials especially for Dad this father's day.


Mahurangi Olives Aleppo Soap is 80% olive oil, pressed from olives grown on the very land the soap is made. The remaining 20% consists of laurel berry oil, lemongrass essential oil and lye. This is the oldest soap recipe in civilisation and is now hand made here in New Zealand in small batches, curing for over a year before being packaged for the store. It is perfect for cleansing the face and body, shaving, and as a face mask as it is renowned for helping to heal an array of skin conditions. It’s the only soap you will ever need and this makes it one of our favourite products.


CoSkin Sunscreen is broad spectrum, high SPF (40) and very water resistant, providing long lasting protection from the sun in and out of the water. The natural plant oils and essential oils actively moisturise to soften and improve the condition of your skin. It will even accelerate healing and regeneration of damaged skin tissue, which makes it superior after-sun care.


Country Kitchen Intense Muscle Rub is handmade in small batches to create a relaxing and warming effect that penetrates deep into the muscle to relieve those that are over-worked and sore, or for those who suffer from arthritis. After the initial warmth the menthol crystals hump on board with their cooling touch. This contrast of hot and cold increases blood flow to help reduce swelling, pain and promote healing.


Honest Chocolat's Marlborough Sea Salt tablet is handmade in Matakana Village using one of the world’s finest chocolates. This tablet is 72% cacao paired with organic Marlborough Sea Salt which enhances the subtle sweetness, softens bitterness, and brings a touch of minerality.

Single Origin | Ethically Sourced | Gluten Free | Vegan | Soy Free


Mangawhai Honey’s Manuka Honey is liquid gold from Louie and his precious honey bees. This year's mouth-watering-good Manuka Honey is 229+MGO (medical grade).



MONNI Card (handwritten message)

Mahurangi Olives Aleppo Soap (150g)

Coskin Sunscreen (70ml)

Country Kitchen Intense Muscle Rub (120ml)

Honest Chocolat Marlborough Sea Salt Tablet (70g)

Mangawhai Honey Manuka Honey (300ml)

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