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His Wellness Gift Box

His Wellness Gift Box

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Tea & Tonic

A gift box with a selection of artisan treasures, created especially for Dad this father's day.


Honest Chocolat’s Manuka Honey tablet is handmade in Matakana Village using one of the world’s finest chocolates. This tablet is made with 72% dark chocolate and filled with an irresistibly soft and gooey centre of local manuka honey and chocolate ganache. It’s no surprise it won *Best flavoured chocolate bar 2018* of NZ Chocolate Awards.

Single Origin | Ethically Sourced | Gluten Free | Vegan | Soy Free


BePure One is the ultimate daily multivitamin and when combined with a well balanced diet, gives the body everything it needs to thrive!

Magnesium restore lifts the body’s Magnesium levels, which is required for over 300 enzymatic functions within our body and plays an important role in supporting sleep and energy levels, reducing muscle cramps, and relaxing the body.

Zinc restore lifts the body’s Zinc levels, which is involved in over 200 enzyme reactions within the body. Zinc is imperative for healthy immune function and proper absorption of Zinc from Zinc containing foods.



MONNI Card (handwritten message)

Honest Chocolat Manuka Tablet (70g)

BePure One Multivitamin (300 capsules)

BePure Magnesium Restore (120 capsules)

BePure Zinc Restore (120 capsules)

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