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Amber & Gold Heartbreak Support

Amber & Gold Heartbreak Support

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Amber & Gold

This flower essence by Amber & Gold is designed to support you through heartbreak with grace, dignity and strength. Heart break can be one of the hardest things we may experience. Our mind can be a storm of what if's, could've's and shoulds. We may regret our past actions, feel shame, hurt, humilition or still feel obsessive about our ex partner.


During these times energetic and emotional support is so helpful to calm and soothe ourselves so we can make choices for our highest good. Alongside journalling, talk therapy, movement exercises and good nutrition a flower essence can be a valuable aid to calm our though process, soothe our nervous system and to gain the learnings from the gift of forgiveness.


Ingredients: A pure water base with Bach flower essences of Resuce, Sweet Chestnut, White Chestnut, Cherry Plum, Honey suckle, Gentian, Willow & Pine.




Made in New Zealand.

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