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Her Mini Gift Box

Her Mini Gift Box

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Tea & Tonic

A gift box with a selection of New Zealand made products for a naturally inspired woman.


Hand made in New Zealand using one of the world’s finest chocolates, this 64% cacao tablet has been paired with blueberries and raspberries, whose sweet and acidic flavours create a divine combination with the natural fruitiness of this dark chocolate from Madagascar.

Single Origin | Ethically Sourced | Gluten Free | Vegan | Soy Free


Mahurangi Olives Aleppo Soap is 80% olive oil, pressed from olives grown on the very land the soap is made. The remaining 20% consists of laurel berry oil, lemongrass essential oil and lye. This is the oldest soap recipe in civilisation and is now hand made here in New Zealand in small batches, curing for over a year before being packaged for the store. It is perfect for cleansing the face and body, shaving, and as a face mask as it is renowned for helping to heal an array of skin conditions. It’s the only soap you will ever need and this makes it one of our favourite products.


Country Kitchen Elderberry and Rose Lip Tint enhances the natural lip colour and hydrates the lips. It can double as a natural cheek blush and with a touch of Mica, adds a slight shimmer. Leave lips and cheeks rosy using the natural hues of plants.



MONNI Card (handwritten message)

Mahurangi Olives Aleppo Soap

Honest Chocolat Blueberry & Raspberry (70g)

Country Kitchen Elderberry and Rose Lip Tint (30ml)

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