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Tea & Tonic Organic Licorice Root Tea

Tea & Tonic Organic Licorice Root Tea

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Tea & Tonic

Licorice root tea is sweet and light and enhances any herbal tea blend. Licorice can help support the digestive system, regulate blood sugar levels and help soothe sore throats.


Licrorice blends well with all other herbs.



100% Organic Licorice.



Directions: Add two tablespoons to four to six cups of water and simmer for five minutes. Let it steep for five minutes before straining to serve.

You may also add two tablespoons to a four to six cup tea pot and allow it to to steep for five minutes before pouring.



Safety considerations:

Chronic use and large doses of licorice root can cause severe fluid and electrolyte imbalances. Children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and those with kidney disease, heart disease, or high blood pressure should avoid licorice products.



Availalbe in 25, 50 & 100 gram bags.

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