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Monarc Jewellery Maison Pendulum/Virginia Hoop, Pair, Gold Vermeil

Monarc Jewellery Maison Pendulum/Virginia Hoop, Pair, Gold Vermeil

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Monarc Jewellery

METAL: Handmade in sterling silver and gold vermeil from a 100% recycled and certified source. 
STYLE: The Maison Pendulum charm is suspended on the Virginia Huggie Hoop. Sold in a pair.
STONE: Alluvial white topaz. 
FINISH: Full polish.

The Maison style is a co-design between Amy Fraser and Monarc for the Unum Collection. These interchangeable and versatile hoops were created around the brief that we often have a favourite pair of wearable earrings that we crave to elevate for different occasions.
Raindrop-shaped with refined edges, the Maison style exudes strength and grace. In a subtle nod to the Heraclitus quote “There is nothing permanent except change”, the pendular form suspends the white topaz in flux, increasing the light refraction and brilliance of the gemstone itself.

About the materials
Monarc Jewellery are proud to say that all of their materials are from “aboveground” sources. Their gold, silver and platinum is from a 100% recycled and certified source whilst their gemstones are upcycled or from alluvial sources. Monarc Jewellery use aboveground diamonds by Diamond Foundry which are carbon-neutral, fully traceable and guaranteed conflict and cartel free.

Made & assembled in Sydney, London, New Zealand & Bangkok.
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