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Keller Bursten Body Brush

Keller Bursten Body Brush

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Keller Bursten

Dry skin brushing before immersing yourself in water helps exfoliate the skin, sloughinng away dead cells and leaving the skin smooth and soft. It can also help support your immune system by gently stimulating the lymph glands.



It's important to skin brush in round circular motion always towards the heart. Use soft smooth strokes to create a gently effect on the body. Gently brush in the groin area and under the arm pits to help with your lymph system. 

It is recommended to dry skin brush up to two times per week. Follow this practice with a shower and self massage. We recommed Maryse multi-vitamin body oil.  A replenishing, all over body treatment for vitamin-rich daily hydration, Maryse multi vitamin body oil is readily absorbed and infused with a natural, signature scent of green fig and tea leaves. 


Quality made in Germany, Keller Bursten select high-quality raw materials for their brushes. They have gained a reputation for such quality and are now one of the leading European manufacturers of fine brushes.


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