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Monmouth Glass Studio Square Cup

Monmouth Glass Studio Square Cup

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Monmouth Glass Studio

These glass cups feel beautiful in the hand and hold plenty of liquid. Each glass is hand-blown, so subtle variations should be expected.

The luminous colour comes from an intense powdered pigment that spreads organically through the hot glass in the making process.

Also available in orange, lemon yellow and apricot.

Width: 80mm
Height: 100mm

Made in Aotearoa.

Monmouth Glass Studio in Auckland is a traditional glassblowing studio that uses ancient techniques and a 200-kilo glass furnace kept molten at 1110 degrees Celsius 24/7. Each piece is hand-shaped and blown, reflecting the artistry and craftsmanship of this timeless practice. From sculptures to vessels, their creations showcase the beauty and versatility of glass. Visitors can witness the process through tours and workshops, fostering an appreciation for the rich history of glassblowing.

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