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Absolute Essential Palmarosa

Absolute Essential Palmarosa

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Absolute Essential

A light essential oil with a rose-like fragrance, Palmarosa is often blended with other oils to help balance stronger scents. Stimulating, balancing and restorative, Palmarosa supports healthy skin and is particularly beneficial during adolescence for stressed or oily skin.
Palmarosa lends well with Lavender True, Orange Sweet & Geranium.
For skin rejuvenation:

�Add 5 drops to 50gm of night moisturiser or oil and apply to the face to support natural cell regeneration.


To minimise skin blemishes:

�The gently regulating and antiseptic qualities of Palmarosa help natural healing from skin blemishes. Add 5 drops to a steam facial or dab a drop onto spots or blemishes with cotton wool. Repeat daily.


To sooth skin irritations:

�Blend 20 drops with 20ml Evening Primrose and apply three times a day to areas affected by skin irritations, redness, dryness and itchiness. This combination supports natural skin recovery and healing.


To balance the skin:

�To promote healthy, balanced skin blend 20 drops of Palmarosa with 20 ml Rosehip and apply twice a day to affected areas. Enhance by adding 5 drops of Geranium and 3 drops of Manuka.



Cymbopogon martinii, plant / flower, distilled, certified organic, India.  


Safety considerations:


Essential oils are potent plant medicine so please use as advised.



10 ml.


Made in New Zealand.



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