Pink Iris
Pink Iris

Pink Iris

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A beautiful blend of floral notes using only the best natural ingredients.

Nose-tingling Sichuan pepper and fresh Basil open this traditional floral bouquet where its namesake Iris shines among a show-stopping lineup of Rose, Jasmine and plant derived Musk.

With top notes of Sichuan Pepper, Raspberry Leaf & Basil, heart notes of Orris root (Iris), Rose & Jasmine and base notes of Vanilla & Musk, enjoy dressing yourself in something this gorgeous.


All ingredients are naturally sourced from fairtrade & sustainable farming practices.

Bergamot oil - Italy

Lemon oil - Italy

Grapefruit oil - Italy

Methyl Anthanilate - *naturally derived grape note

Carrot seed oil

Hexanol cis-3 - *naturally derived matcha tea note

Frambinon - naturally derived raspberry leaf note

Cabreuva oil - Paraguay

Linlool oil

Rose Absolute

Phenylethyl Acetate Nat. - *naturally derived honey note


Jasmin Absolute - Egypt

Violet Leaves Absolute - Egypt

Ionone Beta - *naturally derived rose note

Orris Butter Concentrate - France

Heliotropin/piperonal - *naturally derived vanilla note

Vanillin - *naturally derived vanilla note

Bezoin Siam Absolute

Tonka Bean Absolute - Venezuela

Ambroxan - *naturally derived ambergris note

Ambrettolide - *naturally derived musk note

Food grade grain alcohol - *Italy, organic


Available in 15 & 50 ml