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Monarc Jewellery Silky Tie Necklace, Gold Vermeil

Monarc Jewellery Silky Tie Necklace, Gold Vermeil

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Monarc Jewellery

The Silky Tie necklace can be styled in countless ways, and has fast become a day-to-day staple piece. Made from solidy sterlingsilver and gold vermeil. 

45 cm in length with a full polish finish and lobster clasp.

Monarc Jewellery are proud to say that all of their materials are from “above ground” sources. Their gold, silver and platinum is from a 100% recycled and certified source whilst their gemstones are upcycled or from alluvial sources. Monarc Jewellery use above ground diamonds by Diamond Foundry which are carbon-neutral, fully traceable and guaranteed conflict and cartel free.

Made & assembled in Sydney, London, New Zealand & Bangkok.
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