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Eco Art Beeswax Honey Comb Candle

Eco Art Beeswax Honey Comb Candle

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Eco Art

Handmade in New Zealand these are 100% natural beeswax candles with an unbleached cotton wick and natural honey scent. Deliciously fragrant these candles enhance any space.

Use to create intimacy, focus or to bring a warmth to your room. We love lighting a candle as a ritual of self care, on a cold winter night to create a sense of comfort and to support our yoga and mediation practice.

Bees wax is a natural air purifier. Any left over wax can be used as a natural fire starter. We support waste free living.

Safety consideratons: We recommend you purchase a Frolic Ceramic tray to catch any melting wax and never leave a candle unattended or sleep with a candle on.

Made in New Zealand.

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