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Artemis Throat Repair Herbal Spray

Artemis Throat Repair Herbal Spray

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Throat Repair is traditional plant medicine to soothe a raw or tickly throat and it gets to work fast! Throat Repair's special cooling action is immediate, to instantly soothe. At the same time, this complex formula targets the source, to aid repair and support your immune system. The long nozzle accurately coats the affected area, to hit exactly where it tickles. Take Throat Repair to rapidly soothe and relieve.



Turn the long nozzle horizontally and spray onto the affected throat or mouth area, then swallow gently. Always read the label and use as directed. 



Chamomile • Clove Essential Oil • Licorice Root • Sage • Thyme.


Safety considerations:


If your symptoms persist please see your health professional.

30 ml.

Made in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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