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Valka Yoga Yoga Block

Valka Yoga Yoga Block

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Valka Yoga

Features of the rectangular yoga block include:

  • Compact dimensions of 7.5 x 15 x 22.5cm, making it highly portable
  • Weighing 750 grams
  • Adorned with an elegant Elephant Mandala engraving
  • Surface designed for easy gripping, with a non-slip texture
  • Ergonomically contoured edges and robust construction for comfortable use
  • Crafted from renewable cork material, ensuring stability, durability, and comfort
  • Natural texture that enhances traction during yoga practice
  • Free from plastic, PVCs, and harmful chemicals, contributing to an eco-friendly choice
  • Crafted entirely from 100% organic Portuguese cork
  • A fully vegan product, aligning with ethical preferences
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