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Absolute Essential Vanilla 45%

Absolute Essential Vanilla 45%

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Absolute Essential

The rich, sweet aroma of Vanilla is one of the most familiar of all the essential oils. It has an alluring, comforting effect that can be used to help create a warm atmosphere of security to encourage the expression of deeply felt emotions, frustrations and hidden sensuality.

The steady, restorative tones can also be used to support emotional balance when challenges loom large.


(This is a pure alcohol extract with 45% Vanilla for therapeutic use. Household vanilla is normally created at 0.5% concentration).



Vanilla blends well with Mandarin, Sandalwood, Rose and Tonka Bean.





Vanilla planifolia, pods, alcohol extraction, certified organic, Madagascar.






�Vanilla has a warm, sweet scent that can be used to help soften tense emotions. Add 5 drops to a diffuser or mix in bath water and feel the senses relax.


Emotional Stability

�5 drops Vanilla 45% and 5 drops Lavender True can be diffused together to support natural emotional balance and composure. This recipe may be especially useful at times of intense pressure or sudden change.


Sexual Desire

�When a person is able to relax and feel secure their body is more likely to respond to healthy sexual impulses. Use 5 drops in a diffuser or mixed in bath water to create an atmosphere conducive to intimate relations.


Positive Outlook

�With its uplifting, comforting tones Vanilla is good company when the world gets you down. Diffuse 5 drops of Vanilla 45%, add to a bath or wear as a perfume. The scent will simply uplift the spirit and enhance your mood.



Safety considerations:


Essential oils are potent plant medicine, please use as advised.

5 ml.

Made in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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