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Artemis Virogone Herbal Spray

Artemis Virogone Herbal Spray

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Thyme has been used for respiratory health care for centuries and continues to be widely used today.


The product is formulated with wildcrafted Thyme, Echinacea, Olive Leaf and other immune supporting herbs to help you stay on the go.  


Appropriate for 7+ years, alternatively use Kids Virogone. 




For maintainance use 2 x daily.


For acute symptoms use every 2 hours or as required. 



Thyme • Echinacea • Licorice • St Mary's Thistle • Sage • Angelica • Lemon Oil • Fir Needle Oil • Ethanol • Glycerine.


50 ml.

Made in Aotearoa New Zealand.



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