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Love Skin WaiWai Facial Serum

Love Skin WaiWai Facial Serum

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Love Skin

Intended for daily use on sensitive skin, WaiWai Facial Serum is a heavenly, rich blend of natural & certified organic botanical oils.


This calming combination of carefully selected ingredients features borage weed oil known for its natural soothing, repairing and anti-inflammatory properties.



Mix with your moisturiser, oil or sunscreen for a soft dewy look or use on its own with your gua sha stone ritual.



Avocado Oil •  Borage Seed Oil •  Hemp Seed Oil • Rosehip Oil • Apricot Kernel Oil •  Evening Primrose Oil • Grape Seed Oil • Lavender Essential Oil • Geranium Essential Oil.


30 ml.


Made in New Zealand.


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