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Yoga Tribe Official Yoga Mat Y.E.S

Yoga Tribe Official Yoga Mat Y.E.S

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Yoga Tribe Official

YogaTribe® offers a premium natural tree rubber and jute fibre yoga mat made from natural organic jute fibres and renewable tree rubber, making it the purest yoga mat in the market. The product is non-toxic, non-phlegmatic, latex-free, and silicone-free. Additionally, the mats are 100% naturally biodegradable, contributing to a circular economy. The mat measures 183cm long x 61cm wide, 10cm longer than the average yoga mat, with a thickness of 4mm and a weight of 2.4kg.

It is important to note that YogaTribe® accepts rubber mats with natural marks and small holes that come with working with organic products. This is similar to organic fruit where the range of imperfection is higher than an average mat, and it is a part of what the brand offers in this range. Slight imperfections in the rubber may be present, but it does not impact the performance of the product. The design of the mat is called Y.E.S., which stands for Yogatribe Eco Studio, the brand's new project. The concept is to invite customers to say YES and become part of a like-minded community who deeply care.

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