Country Kitchen Sacred Sage Body Oil
Country Kitchen Sacred Sage Body Oil

Sacred Sage Body Oil

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White sage has been used for centuries in form of smoke to cleanse the air of negative energies, ones aura and before sacred gatherings & rituals. However, sage also has skin benefits that are not used enough in skin care. As well as being grounding and a herb ally for women going through menopause, Sage is also full of antibacterial, antimicrobial and antioxidants to keep your skin clear and rich in vitamin A which helps fight wrinkles, keeping skin soft and supple. This is then combined with a blend of nourishing oils to keep your skin deeply hydrated.


Apply straight on the skin or put a little splash in the bath.


Included in every bottle is a sprig of dried sage that has been collected from the Country Kitchen gardens.




60 ml


*Avoid if pregnant or nursing.