Sun Protection

Sun Protection

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This velvety non greasy organic sun protection is infused with SPF rich raspberry seed and carrot seed oil transforming the cream into a natural golden hue. Every ingredient in this protective blend is anti oxidant rich due to the cold fatty acids and contains naturally occurring SPF factors ranging between 2-50. Scented with a touch vanilla pod infused almond oil.

Remember taking shade is the best protection from the sun in the peak summer months.


Organic Ingredients:

Red Raspberry Seed oil (SPF 25-50), Carrot Seed oil (SPF 35-40), Coconut nut oil (SPF 4-6), Almond oil (SPF 4-6), Zinc oxide (SPF 2-20) (non nano), Shea butter (SPF 4-6), Vitamin E, Vanilla Pod, Carrot Seed essential oil.